The Nutrigea line was created in 1998 and is today a leader in the field of natural nutrition therapy, whose philosophy is based on the concept of “Primordial Nutrition”, that for over 18 years has been continuously promoted.

Today, after many years of challenges, others are beginning to notice the nutritional and nutraceutical uniqueness of Klamath algae.

But it is only in Nutrigea products that the best form of Klamath microalgae and patented extracts are found. They contain the most active ingredients. Thanks to new manufacturing and drying techniques, the nutrients of Klamath microalgae can reach unprecedented levels of concentration. Furthermore, only the Nutrigea product line boasts the  enormous wealth of knowledge and experience in the use of microalgae, acquired over many years.

Around this extraordinary naturally found and primordial microalgae, we have created a line of phyto nutritional products that also draws its extraordinary effectiveness from other primordial fundamental nutrients:

probiotic bacteria of human origin, such as the exclusive Acidophilus DDS-1

broad spectrum enzymes of fungal origin

natural hyaluronic acid for oral administration

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