Klamath Algae

The micro-alga from Klamath lake (scientific name: Aphanizomenon flos aquae Ralphs ex Born. & Flah. Var. flos aquae) belongs to the great family of blue-green micro-algae, the first form of life on our planet and the base of the entire food chain.

All civilizations throughout history have used blue-green algae as a source for a superior form of nutrition.

The Aztecs reserved wild Spirulina for their nobles and warriors, considering it divine food.                                               

Today, the only edible micro-alga which grows wild, in a nearly uncontaminated volcanic environment, is the Klamath micro-alga.

Klamath Lake is so pure and uncontaminated that it has become the host of the highest concentration of bald eagles on the North American continent (together with Alaska); the presence of bald eagles is, in fact, a fundamental ecological marker as they survive only in pristine environments.

 The extraordinary vitality of Klamath Lake depends also on its environmental symbiosis with the magical  Crater Lake, a lake formed inside the crater left behind after the explosive eruption, 7700 years ago, of the volcano Mount Mazama.

 It is thanks to this extraordinary environment that the Klamath micro-alga has developed an absolutely unique nutritional profile and vital energetic force.

Klamath RW®max “Complete, and assimilated, from A to Zirconium” 12  RDA-relevant essential nutrients, completely assimilated and in synergy with more than 100other  nutrients!

Nutraceutical research has confirmed the central role carried out by the principle of nutritional synergy: “the wider the spectrum of nutrients consumed, the greater their assimilation and effectiveness, and, at the same time, the lower the quantity necessary for each specific nutrient”.

Klamath RW®Max algae represents the best example of this principle, as it contains over 100 essential nutrients, all of which remain in their organic form and therefore are, unlike synthetic supplements, able to be completely assimilated! 

Klamath RW®max adds, to this wide spectrum of nutrients, the fundamental dimension of RDA-relevance (Recommended Daily Allowance): the nutrient content of a food or supplement becomes RDA-relevant when its quantity represents at least 30% of the daily requirements for that nutrient.

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