Q - What is the difference between  Klamath product and NutriMax?


A - NUTRIMAX contains, in addition to Klamath Algae, also its specific Klamin® extract with neuro modulating  property and mood regulatory.


Q - I want to know if I can take together Klamath, NutriFlor and NutriZym?


A - Certainly, it can usefully be associated, as synergistic, for wider overall benefits on the organism.


Q - Can I take the Klamath algae if I use drugs?


A - The Klamath algae is a food of fresh water and has no contraindications or drug interactions. It may validly assist nutritionally any kind of therapy.


D - NutriFlor may have contraindications for extended use?


A - It contains friendly bacteria that normally reside in healthy intestines. Regular intake of resistant strains and vital as the DDS-1 content in NutriFlor, helping to maintain a eubiotic flora, the eubiosis , therefore represents an important form of prevention.


D - The Nutricol is a laxative?


A - More than just a laxative is a great intestinal regulator thanks to bifidobacteria, that rebalance the microflora, and the synergy of purifying herbs that complete the formula.


Q - Are there problems to digest the capsules?


A - They are of vegetable gelatin capsules and therefore extremely digestible. You can still open and mix them in water or a fruit or vegetable juice.


Q - What is the difference between the Klamath phycocyanins and other blue-green microalgae?


A - The phycocyanins are also present in other microalgae (eg. Spirulina). Are the C-phycocyanins.

The AFA-phycocyanins (those of Klamath) have an antioxidant power of many times greater than the other and high anti-inflammatory and protective in both gastro-intestinal area , cardiovascular and neurological.


Q - How long it may take the Klamath?


A - The Klamath is rich in essential nutrients food that enriches and completes our meals, so it can be usefully employed in both periods, as needed, that indefinitely.



Q - What are the specific characteristics of your hyaluronic acid, and the difference with the one contained in other products?


A - The difference lies in the quality HMW (high molecular weight), produced by bacterial fermentation, which allows to obtain hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight comprised between 2.4 and 3 million daltons, which corresponds to that present in the native dermis , eye and joints.

It was found that the HMW hyaluronic acid is the best to achieve real benefits to the body, in fact, smaller fragments are not able to bind to specific receptors of the cell membranes which, on the contrary, only recognize the high hyaluronic acid molecular weight (1).

It is also not animal source and the superior quality makes it truly effective its moisturizing and lubricating properties.


1) Aviad AD, Houpt JB. The molecular weight of therapeutic hyaluronan (sodium hyaluronate): how significant is it? J Rheumatol 1994 Feb; 21 (2): 297-301.


Q - NutriZym serves to digest?


A - It helps you digest better, but not only. It is a enzymatic vegetable formulation of  broad spectrum and highly bioavailable, fits any deficiencies of digestive enzymes and to promote a better absorption and utilization of nutrients.

In compliance with this criterion,Klamath RW®max contains 12 essential nutrients in a RDA-relevant quantity!

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