Klamath RW®Max algae represents the best example of this principle, as it contains over 100 essential nutrients, all of which remain in their organic form and therefore are, unlike synthetic supplements, able to be completely assimilated!                                                                                                                                             

Klamath RW®max adds, to this wide spectrum of nutrients, the fundamental dimension of RDA-relevance (Recommended Daily Allowance): the nutrient content of a food or supplement becomes RDA-relevant when its quantity represents at least 30% of the daily requirements for that nutrient.

 In compliance with this criterion,Klamath RW®max contains 12 essential nutrients in a RDA-relevant quantity!

 This fact alone makes Klamath algae an excellent multi-mineral/multi-vitamin superfood supplement, with the added enormous advantage that:

a) these nutrients are highly assimilated;

b) they contain up to a  100 other nutrients for which an RDA does not exist, but are nevertheless extremely important for our health, such as, for example, the whole spectrum of trace elements.

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